Rabu, 19 September 2012

How To Know Making Crackers



1. Soybeans have become if we know
2. salt to taste
3. garlic
4. baking soda
5. flavor

1. Basin / large pot
2. Machine selep / smoothing
3. Machine Press (Can be made its own that serves to remove water in the know)4. scissors
5. Paci frying
6. stove
Crackers know the stage of making

- You know we put in the bag, then we are pressed with a pressing machine for 5 minutes to remove the water content in the know.- After the water is lost in the know, we put her dough selep machine to smooth the dough out.- Mix the dough with seasonings, like salt, garlic that has been crushed, flavors and baking soda
- After we form the dough out evenly into a round of ping-pong ball
- After all the dough dibulakan, Let stand for 6 hours so that the baking soda reacts.- Fried roundness know until golden yellow color
- Cut into 2 parts, and throw out that there is in it so menyisahkan skin deep
- Goring longer to dry
- Be keripuk know as we see in the shops.

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