Rabu, 19 September 2012

How To Make Nata De Coco


1. tool

a. Pan / Langseng of stenless
b. Stirrer / sinduk stenless
c. stove
d. scales sitting
e. measuring cup
f. plastic tray
g. Newspapers cover
h. rubber binder
i. Racks for Plastic Tray
j. Muk Measure
k. Kassa cloth / Filter Fine
2. material

a. Pure Coconut Water
b. Sugar Sand / White
c. Za / Urea
d. vinegar Biang
e. Seeds Nata De Coco / Palm Sari
3. How to Make
1. Raw coconut water in the filter, and put in a steamer / pot size of 5 liters in liter/20 cook until boiling 100 degrees Celsius, after boiling sugar enter, for the steamer / pot 5 liters sugar 250 gr, 0.5 gr za, vinegar mother of 50 cc and for cormorant 20 liters x 4 from the steamer / pot 5 liters.2. The water is already boiling coconut mixed with sugar, za, vinegar source input into a plastic tray about 1.2 liters and it must be ensured that the plastic tray in a clean and sterile condition of the bacteria.3. Plastic tray covered with newspaper and make sure the newspaper was in the sterile condition of the bacteria that would interfere with the growth of nata de coco / coconut juice, sun heated the paper should be dried.4. Sealed trays and arranged on shelves in a neat and drained tray until cool to be seed nata de coco
5. Seeding done in the morning around 5:30 to 6:30, the nursery is closed again
6. Tray results should not be disturbed any nursery, not rocking the baby, if you want to see the results of nata de coco can be seen on day 3.
7. Tray of seedlings on leave for one week
8. On day 7 please be opened.

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